4 Things To Discuss With Property Management Before Move In Day

What Property Management Teams Think You Oughta Know

As we get further and further into this year, the time for my husband and I to begin searching for a new a place grows ever nearer. Fifor-rent-sign-2-1147396nishing up with school, he and I will be looking to move out of this college town and a little bit closer to family. Likewise, it is exactly because he is just finishing up with school that we will most certainly be looking to move into a rental until we can afford a place of our own to buy. Moving to a separate rental, outside of the one I’ve known for nearly four years, seems like a daunting and intimidating task.

Rentals, in the very sense of the word, are generally a stressful thing to find. Either you find something that is too expensive for what it’s worth, something
that pretty much costs exactly what you’d think it would but is falling apart at the hinges, or—as in the case of my friends—you just don’t find anything at all. Knowing that any three of these scenarios are something likely to face, I’ve began putting a list together early to avoid the inevitable stress of running into any kind of problem. Of course, this list is subject to change depending on what kind of rental you’re looking for, but for those of us searching for a home rental rather than apartment, this list should help sort through some of the chaos.

Location, Location, Location:

It really is all about the location when you are choosing a rental to live in. No matter that a good neighborhood can help you find a place to live after you’re ready to move out of the rental itself, but a bad one can have you running for the hills. Think about what you need and how the location of your home might affect that. Do you have kids? Are you planning on having kids any time soon? Something close to a park or within distance of a good school can really

Might be good better adjusted further

Might be good better adjusted further

make a difference when choosing a rental. Particularly with those kids going into the public school system, choosing something that is in a reputed district can have an affect on their higher education in the future. Another consideration is to pay attention to where you’ll be working. I once worked with a girl who had to take three buses and a trolley to make it to work on time each day because she hadn’t thought to rent something nearer. Choosing based on your proximity to work can save you a lot of gas and therefore your hard earned dollar in the long run. Likewise, if you’re searching for something for someone older or doesn’t happen to have a car, finding something within walking distance of a grocery story can have a huge impact on their livelihood.


Before considering your new home, consider what it has to offer. By checking with your Temecula property management, you can find out if it has a 24/7 repairmen on hand, lit walkways at night, regular trash pick-up days, and either a laundry room on the premises or in the home. These small perks, such as a laundry room, can save you a lot of tiresome stress and unneeded hassle. Instead of locking in on something because it’s inexpensive, why not find something inexpensive with the added amenities that I listed? You’ll thank me if you do.


A no-brainer really, inspecting the exterior prior to move in can save you a bunch of headaches down the road. While your Temecula property management will most likely have given a good deal of care and thought to the rental, it’s important to run a quick exam for yourself. Look at the locks and make sure they’re secure and sturdy, look for good water drainage to avoid floods. See if your Temecula property management company will drive you by at night and allow you to see how well lit the area is, and if it’s not well lit see if they can add solar lights to help make it feel safer for you and your family.home-in-marlton-4-1233382


Again, another no-brainer. The interior is likely where you’ll spend the bulk of your time at the home and so should be considered very wisely. Examine the rooms and makes sure that they’re big enough to suit your family’s needs. Make sure that things like the heating and air works, along with the electrical outlets and fans. Ask about any extra storage space, such as the attic or a storage shed in the back. Finally, make sure it has the extra amenities you need: a dishwasher (I promise you it’s no fun living without one), a garbage disposal, and a well working and clean oven are all things that you should consider prior to signing a lease.

Moving into your new rental doesn’t need to be more stressful than it already will be; it should be as fun and exciting as any other big change in your life. Take the excess stress away and know what to look for before you go looking, and if you have questions or concerns about the property in question, always be open and discuss it with your Temecula property manager. Not only will they know the answers to your questions, but they’re the best possible people to turn to so that you can soothe your rental anxiety fears.