Tricks for Selling Your Home From A Property Manager

Tips For Selling Your Home From A Property Manager Pro

When spring rolls around, look to the streets. You’re likely to see the corners decorated with signs, arrows, and possibly the occasional set of balloons. Contrary to what you may be thinking, I’m not referring to children’s birthday parties, rather I’m talking about the selling season—when all of the houses in your neighborhood seem to suddenly hit the market. This season comes off of the holidays, when families are looking for a fresh set of stress and cheer to keep the excitement in their lives up before going into the long summer

But that’s not all, with the spring equinox comes certain benefits that are only available to this time of year. For starters, in the spring months the world becomes occasionally drenched in water, and though Temecula real estate sees water very sparsely, it leaves potential buyers with a look at where puddles gather in for-sale homes. Additionally, spring sales mean that families are looking at moving before summer and the inevitable heat waves strike, a plus for those in southern California.

For those looking to sell during this time of year, the added pressure of the rain can be a buzz kill, and I speak from experience when I say that, while it may benefit the buyer and even yourself in the long run, it adds a level of stress wondering whether your home will pass the puddle-inspection. Luckily, knowing ahead of time what you can do as a seller or property manager can help you move your home from a mere Zillow listing to a home in escrow in no time.

Cut Down On Clutter:

The easiest way to keep your home from being seller friendly is to leave every ounce of clutter available to viewers in your home. In the weeks leading up to your first open house, consider paying for a rental space and taking serious inventory over your home. What will you need for the next month or so, and what can get tucked away in storage for the time being? Make a list of the bookshelves, lamps, and extra nightstands and dressers that can easily be moved out of sight, while maintain the appearance of a “lived-in” home. Also, realize that a clean home can still be a cluttered home. Even if everything is spritzed and shined to your heart’s content, too many things make the house seem smaller and less welcoming to new owners. Clutter is not only home-interiors-4-1234933unappealing in the eyes of the buyer, but it changes their mindset, leaving them feeling like they’re intruding upon your home, rather than looking at their potential new home.

Deep Clean Your Home:

After you’ve gone through and made a point to cut back on all of the unnecessary clutter in your home, really go through and make a point to get on your hands and knees and clean every nook and cranny. Consider hiring a home cleaning crew, who specializes in deep-cleans, and can take some of the work off your hands for you. Ensure that bathroom tiles are re-grouted, closets are cleaned out, and that no dust bunnies are hiding under your bed. Though you may not think that the tops of shelves and window panes need to be dusted, be aware that people are trying to envision their lives in this home, and no matter how much that dust bunny might not offend you, it may not make for a buyer’s ideal vision of their future in your home. Likewise, make sure that all handprints are removed from any stainless steal, and that all dark spots are removed from toilet bowls and showers.

Fix Your Issues:

As I mentioned, selling your home in the spring has its perks and downsides. However, if you know that your backyard has a puddle that sits for weeks after a rainstorm, then do something about it! Invest in having an outdoor drain put in, pay to have those windows that won’t shut all the way replaced with new ones, have that runny faucet fixed, and your wonky sprinkler head switched out. Potential buyers and renters don’t want to look at a home that needs repairs, no matter how small and trite they may be, not to mention that many small repairs will make buyers wonder what big repairs are being kept quiet and out of sight. Of course, breaking the bank on every little repair isn’t reasonable either, and an agreement can always be made to disclose issues prior to the house going on the market.

Get Outside:

Increase your curb appeal and better the chances of sale by taking a look at your yard (or yards) and front porch. Add flowers or something sturdier (such as succulents), purchase new lighting so that the front door is well lit, paint the window trims, and choose an eye-appealing door, in a bright pop of color. marlene-s-front-porch-1453376Likewise, make sure your weeds are plucked, your greenery is trimmed, and your lawn mowed. Add patio seating and umbrellas where there is none, and ensure that all concrete or brick walkways are swept and free of dirt or dust. Finally, ensure that any strips of grass or trees outside your home and on the curve are kept clear and free of dead branches or loose weeds.

Stage Your Home:

Now you’re ready for the open house, and whether you be a property manager or just a family looking to sell, always make sure to stage your home. Never mind how you lived in your home, ensure that it is eye-catching above all else, and like its ready for any person to live in. Add flowers in vases for a pop of color and to bring life into the home, while lighting a lightly scented candle to hide any wandering odors. Also, always, always try and take any pets with you. While outdoor cats can be tossed outside, indoor cats can cause problems for those guests who are allergic (not to mention the many feet wandering in and out of your home). Additionally, take your dogs to the beach or out on a trip for a few hours while you’re out of your home, they’ll appreciate the time away, and potential buyers will appreciate the lack of barking dogs protecting their home.

Selling or renting your home doesn’t need to be anymore stressful than it already is. By being prepared for your open house you offer your home the opportunity to sell itself in the best way possible. So lock up your valuables, light a candle, and hand over the keys to your agent because your home and get ready for your home to be sold.