How A Property Management Company Spring Cleans

How To Spring Clean Your Rental Like A Pro

This morning, I was woken up by the constant sneezing of my husband. An ultra-marathoner, he wakes up each morning before 5:00am to run upward of thirteen miles to train for his next 100-mile race. Being an ultra-marathoner, and a self-proclaimed mountain man, he spends most of his time running the back trails of the mountain ranges in southern California. Now, a pop quiz for you: can you tell me what the number one affliction is for ultra-marathoners? If you guessed joint pain and muscle aches, you’re actually wrong. The number one affliction for ultra-marathoners is asthma brought on by the pollen and dust from roaming the mountains at all seasons.

That being said, being the wife of a mountain man means that I know better than anyone when the season is changing. The constant sneezing, watery
eyes, and wheezy breath patterns of my husband alert me to the cheerful, freshly pollenated, cepillo-2-1417970flowery time that is the spring equinox. Granted, when you live in sunny Temecula, you’ve most likely spent your winter in the spring-like atmosphere already. But regardless, with the changing season comes a change in mood, and that mood is usually represented by a need to refresh your life.

Hence, the term “spring-cleaning”. Last year we offered seven projects for your spring home improvement, you can find that list by visiting our property management blog. This year, I would like to offer you seven new tips to help you prepare for your spring-cleaning frenzy.

Start with your closet:

It may seem trite, but there’s just something about a clean closet that makes you breathe just a little easier. An organized closet (and wardrobe) is the first step to a clutter free life. Donate any unused clothes or shoes to your local Goodwill. If you have a pile of clothes, purses, or shoes that you feel uncomfortable donating, but don’t have the space for them, then consider posting some of it on EBay and see if you can make a few of your well earned messy-closet-1452826dollars back. Keep in mind, pillows and old blankets, while not able to be donated to the Goodwill, they can be dropped off at your local Humane Society.

Deep clean your carpets:

Year round, particularly in the Temecula area, there are different plants that come into bloom throughout the year. To avoid dust and allergen traction throughout your home, consider removing your shoes upon entry and vacuuming once a day if possible, if not then aim for a couple of times a week. Of course, high traffic areas in your home will need more frequent and professional cleaning, typically 3-4 times a year, with bedrooms needing even less cleaning (usually once every 20 months).

Oil your wood floors:

Condition your wood floors with a mop once a week. Try using Murphy Oil Soap, an expensive and effective alternative to the more intense and expensive, Bona Pro-Wood Floor cleaner. Both will get the job done and both will have your floors shining like new.

Refresh your stained walls:

Start by using a damp cloth or sponge, if that doesn’t work, dip your rag or sponge into a water mixed with a very mild dishwasher solution (the milder the better). Avoid using tougher solvents such as 409 because they can soften the paint and cause a bald spot on your wall. Whatever method you, make certain that you rinse the wall afterward with clean water—never leave soap or solution on your paint as it can lead to discoloration.painted-brush-1421183

De-grease your stainless steel:

Stainless steel, while pretty, can be a pain to keep clean. To de-smudge your stainless steel appliances try using a light mist spray of a wax-based aerosol 1-2x a week, follow up by wiping clean with a lint-free cloth. Don’t ever use anything with even a slight abrasive to it, this will most definitely scratch and ruin the surface of your stainless steel appliance.

Remove countertop stains:

If you’re starting from scratch, to make getting rid of stains easier, have your countertops sealed several times to protect them from future stains. If not starting from scratch, then don’t fret but wipe up your spills as soon as you can. Remove soap scum or mildew by mixing ½ cup ammonia with a gallon of water and gently scrubbing. Most coffee or juice stains will come up with water mixed with a little bit of hydrogen peroxide.

make-it-clean-1426935Makeover your home:

You know that iconic scene from Clueless where Cher and Dionne take pity on the new-girl and remake her from head to toe? Consider doing this for you home. If you’re on a budget, try rearranging the furniture you already have, switch out old photos for new ones, or brighten up each room with seasonal bouquets for each room. If you’re able try making a quick trip to Home Goods and peruse their aisles for great deals on new pillows, blankets, bathmats, and more.

With these tips, you can take your normal spring-cleaning ritual and move it to the next level. By following just a few of these simple tips your home will feel like new, and your life refreshed. It might not take you being an ultra-marathoner to notice that the seasons are about to change (we are a week away from “springing forward” after all), but grab your antihistamines, slip into your cleaning gloves, and get ready to make this spring-cleaning, your best yet.

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